The Samford & Districts Chamber of Commerce will host it’s Networking Breakfast on Wednesday 8th September at the Samford Community HUB (SCHUB).                                                                         The Chambers Special Guest will be Darren Grimwade, Moreton Bay Regional Division 11 Councillor.  Darren has a background in small business. and after winning numerous industry awards Darren was named the Qld Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008, followed by serving as a Qld State Member for several years. Since his election to Moreton Bay Regional Council in 2016 he has served as Division 11 Councillor. Darren was instrumental in fighting for funding to have the Samford Community Hub constructed, has delivered multimillion dollar improvements to the sporting facilities in Samford Parklands and has delivered major upgrades to Samford Village including pedestrian crossings in Main Street and major improvements to recreational opportunities in John Scott Park. His insight into the 2020-41 Moreton Bay Regional Economic Development Strategy will provide a background for future business within the Samford Valley.