“Practical creative thinking and problem-solving techniques” – Carolyn King – 10th April 2024

“Practical creative thinking and problem-solving techniques" - Carolyn King - 10th April 2024


6:45 am - 8:30 am


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SCHUB (Former CSIRO Site)
2204 mt samson road, Samford, qld, 4520

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Monthly Chamber Breakfast: Wednesday, 10th April – Creative approach to Critical Thinking with Carolyn King.

Are you struggling to solve everyday business problems? Or looking for new ways to do things? Staring at a blank piece of paper or screen won’t give you the answer. Neither will ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away. You could try Googling it or asking Chat GPT, but that will only get you so far…

So, how can we generate original, effective solutions when we’re tied down with day-to-day pressures? Luckily (unlike AI), we are all unique, original human beings with the power of creative thought. If we switch on the right side of our brain more often, we’ll discover ideas we didn’t know were there. And rather than battling it out on our own, we can share problems and ideas with others, to gain new perspectives and multiply brainpower.

This short hands-on session facilitated by Carolyn King will cover a handful of techniques to loosen up the grey cells and look at problems differently. Come along with a blank piece of paper, an open mind, and a challenge you’d like to solve. We’ll see if the Chamber’s group mind can help!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet and hear from Carolyn King – Breakfast, tea & coffee will be provided. 

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10th April 2024
6:45am – 8:30am
Samford Community Hub

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