Samford Chamber of Commerce is excited to welcome Minnie’s Espresso Coffee Van for the 2022 year. Minnie’s owner Esther Cahill will be serving her “heart-starter” coffee from 6.45am till 7.15am on Wednesday 13th April at the Samford Community HUB. Both Esther’s coffee and a continental breakfast from The Famous Samford Patisserie & Cafe are included in the $30 visitors entry fee – see website for more details – . Welcome extended to members, guests & visitors- booking deadline 5pm Monday 7th March. You never know when a casual coffee chat could change the course of your business or career. Networking is an effective and exciting way to keep expanding your business connections. At its heart, the purpose of networking is to build connections, and one of the best ways to do that is through the casual Samford Chamber of Commerce Meet and Greet Networking Breakfast – see website for more details – . Meet people, share ideas, trade information, identify new opportunities to help others and build your brand.