Jason Delisser - F3 Financial Services

image F3 Financial Services helps families improve their future and achieve what’s most important to them by making smart financial decisions that enable them to build, protect and enjoy their wealth. We do this for our clients by:

(i) understanding the things that are most important and valued within their lives,

(ii) sharing our knowledge, skills, experience and professional expertise, and

(iii) working side-by-side to provide advice and solutions that are in their best interests.

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17 Housewood Court, Highvale Qld 4520

Brief description of products/services

We help our clients make smart financial decisions that enable them to build, protect and enjoy their wealth. The strategies we discuss are aligned to our clients’ personal situation (not a one size fits all approach), and can often change or evolve over time. Where appropriate, superannuation or personal investment recommendations are made with the benefit of academically proven methods, backed by decades of research. Protection of wealth is delivered through Insurance solutions (for Life, Income, Disability & Illness) and detailed Estate Planning. We only ever act in our clients’ best interests, free from conflicts.

What significant impacts do you make for clients

We provide our clients with a sense of security and piece of mind – with clarity of where they are at, what they are trying to achieve (and why), the decisions that are within their control, and how they are progressing over time. By bringing their financial world into good order (and keeping it that way) everyone is able to sleep better at night and enjoy the things that matter most in life.

What is your most favourite technology gadget, tool, app or toy and why

We don't get too excited about technology. Telephone and email allows us to stay in touch with our family, friends and clients anywhere in the world. However, nothing beats good old fashioned face-to-face catch up.

What inspires you on a daily basis

The three core values that continue to inspire us (considerably more than money) all begin with the letter F – hence F3 Financial Services. They are:

(i) Family (including friendships, relationships and connectedness with others),

(ii) Fitness (maintaining good health, physical activity and wellbeing), and

(iii) Fulfillment (being happy and true to yourself, and pursuing your individual dreams and purpose).

What do you love about working or living in the Samford district

We have a great network of friends and clients in this spectacular part of the world, and we are grateful every day that we have the opportunity to raise our family here. There is a common bond and true sense of community that most Samfordites (if there is such a word) understand. The fresh air, room to move and absence of traffic lights are also an added bonus.

What do you enjoy/appreciate about the Samford & Districts Chamber of Commerce

Business is pretty straight forward – if you have good relationships with people and do the right thing by them over time, you will more often than not succeed. The Samford Chamber of Commerce helps the first part of that equation – bringing people together to meet and chat in a casual setting, and help foster some of those relationships.